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happy friday! thanks for taking a sec to stop by! it's friday which means i'm doing a quick round-up of some of my favorite things, and today, it's office supplies! i'll get right to it:


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1  |  i love these funny post its from knock knock. we have a very laid-back office, and i know these would get a laugh or seven. buy them online or at paper twist in charlotte!

2  |  i have to have a good pen! i have one on my desk right now that always sits out, kinda like it’s tempting you and saying, “take this pen, and laura will beat you down”. the felt tip le pens have always been a favorite of mine. they come in a large selection of colors [more than what’s pictured above] to keep things bright and non-work-ish.

3  |  are you a coffee drinker? i definitely am! having this cute jonathan adler mug would reduce my trips to dunkin' donuts significantly! AND it's microwave safe!

4  |  my little planner from post by graphic image keeps me in check. it's the perfect size, not bulky at all, to keep in my purse all the time. i even got mine monogrammed with my initials on the front! there's still 6 months left in the year, so grab one from that link above for ONLY $4! [that's nuts!]

5  |  lastly, today i'm enjoying the sweet sweet fragrance of the pink citron candle from voluspa. y'know when you walk in anthro and it smells amazing? it's this candle! i realize how lucky i am that my bosses don't mind me playing with fire in the office.

now that i've gotten you all pumped about awesome office supplies, we'll all have a productive friday, right? eh.

as always, i'm linking up with my favorite, alex and sweet lauren today for their own “friday five” and “high five for friday”.


happy weekend!


Nicole said...

I am in love with that planner & $4...wow! Glad to find another NC blogger, i'm a new follower.

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

Voluspa candles rock - and I'm sure this scent smells amazing if it reminds you of Anthro- one of my fave stores!! I'm a new follower!
Would love you to check out my "mommy with a makeup problem" blog when you get a moment.

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