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hey y’all! my apologies for slacking this week. this whole “going to the gym every day to get a hot body” is taking it’s toll on me. i seriously feel like a zombie right now, slow monstrous walk, talk, and all. but still going strong! i'm on day 6 out of 8 (the holiday weekend / redneck festivities knocked me out on sun/mon), and i'm pretty sure that’s the longest streak i've had in my life. sooo in celebration of my new hobby, i've decided to spotlight my workout wishlist for my friday five:

wait, my friends are laughing at me right now, i can feel it. i'm probably the least athletic/most uncoordinated person there ever was. i am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an athlete. my “working out” is the elliptical and, a few times a week, a group power class (bascially, cardio and weights). i'm not a runner, nor do i play any sport. ok, just had to clear the air so i don’t come off as a phony. now…


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1  |  so since this is a wish list, i'll start off with some lululemon. full disclosure, i picked the free to be bra because it was cute. i don’t need a lot of support up top, so fashion wins this battle over function. although based on the reviews. it looks like a winner in all departments.

2  |  i really love the nike tempo track running shorts. again, i am not a runner, but when i am “workin’ it” i'm more of a shorts and loose t-shirt kinda gal. usually an old sorority or tech t-shirt, nothing fancy. i digress, these shorts come in a TON of patterns and colors – i’ve even seen them monogrammed on pinterest.

3  |  although i definitely don’t need it now, a comfy sweatshirt that’s still running-errands-appropriate would be nice to add to my list as well. i really like this alo cowl neck one. except for the fact that it’s product picture looks like the model has monkey arms.

4  |  i just got new shoes (liiiike 2 years ago) but due to my lack of physical activity, after a trip around the washing machine they look and function like brand new! BUT since this is a wish list, i'd like these lightweight running shoes from nike, please.

5  |  lastly, it’s the end of my workout and i'm a little parched. i grab my hokie colored camelbak and it gives me that extra push to finish. no? that’s not how it really works? ok. but i do like it a lot! my gal, alex, turned me on to the camelback and it really is a great water bottle - and bpa free which means you won’t ingest that nasty chemical from some plastics!

that sums it up! i'm all ready to get my gym on, now! join me? i need some workout buddies!

i'm linking up with alex and lauren today for their own “friday five” and “high five for friday”.


happy weekend!


JGIWC said...

I have an Alo top and get lots of use out of it. Love!

JGIWC said...

I have an Alo top and get lots of use out of it. Love!

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