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i hope everyone had a great weekend and got to spend some good qt with their moms! my parents were out of town this weekend, which means we spent the whole weekend with andrew’s fam – which is always awesome. i always think of how fortunate i've been to marry into a family that i love so so so much and that i think of as my own. it really doesn’t come around too often.

we had a little bit of drama with the house hunt this weekend. we put in an offer on friday and have had some mixed signals and lots of back and forth since. so, naturally, i'm a nervous wreck. my mind needs to go somewhere else right now…

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next wednesday, dave matthews band is coming to charlotte…and we have tickets! i'm really excited! this was a spontaneous purchase after a few drinks with my brother a couple of weeks ago, but one that i'm sure we won’t regret. i saw dave live in 2007 when he played a free concert for virginia tech in lane stadium. i wasn’t even a fan, then, and thought they were awesome. how someone can keep their energy up for that long, i'll never know.

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i'm sure, as most artists do, he’ll have a new cd or new songs they’re promoting, but i sure hope they play some old favorites: ants marching (duh) and grey street (duh duh). really, i'm looking forward to having a blanket on the grass, a beer in my hand, and listening to great music [on a weeknight]!!

you can bet that dmb will be the boss of spotify until then!

so, if you need to go somewhere today…

where is this tuesday taking you?

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Carolina Charm said...

Hi new friend! What neighborhoods are you shopping in?! How fun and stressful all at the same time!

Jealous you have DMB tix!!

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