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hi y’all! it must be nice to be “friday” – everyone’s so happy when you come around and they look forward to seeing you all week! the week has flown by – i guess being busy will do that to you! i've been wanting to fill y’all in on some great beauty buys that i love. without further ado, here’s my friday five.

1  |  it’s no secret, i was cursed with bad, oily, acne prone skin. i have a hard time finding a moisturizer that doesn’t make my forehead look like a shiny….something and irritate my skin. behold the alba even advance daily cream. i accidentally grabbed a pic of the night cream. fyi, it looks really similar. this stuff smells really good and is silky smooth.

2  |  false eyelashes have always been a favorite of my girlfriends and myself. my favorites are the ardell 110 black. anytime a special occasion arrives, or maybe even a fun night out, it’s time for some falsies. i've only recently gotten decent at putting them on without poking my eye out – quite the accomplishment, eh?

3  |  the opi rapidry topcoat. i've sung its praises before – y’all this stuff is amazing. $11 might be a little steep, but use an ulta coupon and go get it today. not only will it leave you without sheet marks (i always get the urge to paint my nails before bed), it will make your mani last daayyys longer than anything before.

4  |  my nightly skincare routine is not complete without the almay moisturizing eye makeup remover pads. simply washing my face will not do – i'll always have specs of mascara in my eyeball, or raccooned around my eyes. these little pads get all the gunk right off. it does leave a little bit of oily "moisturizing” residue that i usually just wipe off with tp. cheap and good!

5  |  a few months ago i won a giveaway from glamour magazine and scored 6 zoya nail polishes and to my surprise, it came with zoya’s awesome polish remover, remove+. before i used this, i really didn’t think there was a difference in polish removers. it’s a 3 in 1 solution that removes, conditions, and even cleans the nail before applying your next polish selection. and it actually smells good! it even comes in the handy pump that you see in the salon, which really makes me feel like a pro!

i'm linking up with alex and lauren today for their own “friday five” and “high five for friday”.


p.s. everyone go over to alex’s blog and give her a hard time – she left for the bahamas today, and i'm so jealous – as i'm sure you are now, too!

happy weekend!

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Erin said...

I need that Rapid Dry stuff! I always get a fabric print on my nails, even after an hour post-paint. Makes no sense.

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