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happy friday, friends! has everyone been gearing up for an event-filled saturday? andrew was naming off all the huge sporting events happening tomorrow, and it’s mind-boggling how many things were planned (or not) on the same day: cinco-de-mayo, the kentucky derby, stanley cup playoffs, mayweather vs cotto, baksetball playoffs, and the wells fargo championship golf tournament here in charlotte! the boys are going to the golf tournament tomorrow and sunday which leaves me with nothing on the agenda (hallelujia!) i love a weekend where i'm allowed to do whatever i want! since my weekend is a blank slate, it’s hard to make it the center of my friday five. so i'm picking the most glamerous event from above to feature instead…


1  |  i really love the lilly pulitzer felicity dress! the sweetheart neckline would be flattering on anyone, and i love the stripes! paired with some gold jewelry would be great too!

2  |  it’s the kentucky derby so you KNOW your ensemble isn’t complete without a hat. now, i'm sure there are some very very fabulous hats out there, but i'm trying to be realistic here – this is what i would actually wear! a simple navy, monogrammed hat would go great with my dress!

3  |  now, i've never been to the derby, but i would image that you’re walking in the grass quite a bit before… or at least doing a lot of standing. i would go with a low wedge heel – for comfort reasons, obviously, and so my heels wouldn’t sink into the ground. these are so cute, i might just have to invest in them for everyday wear too!

4  |  the weekend’s not complete without the signature drink, the mint julep!

5  |  my wayfarer style would be a little too sporty for this event – bigger is better when it comes to the hats and the sunglasses. these would be perfect and would complement my look perfectly!

i'm linking up with alex and lauren today for their own “friday five” and “high five for friday”.


happy weekend!

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