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hello all! happy tuesday! i am in desperate need of a getaway this week. work has been crazay! without further ado…

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it feels like we’ve been on the go so much already – and it’s not even summer. but i would love nothing more than a vacation right now. i think california is just the place to do it – let’s go there now, shall we?

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my beautiful friend emily, has lived in california for almost 2 years now without a visit from me. she’s always posting awesome pictures of her fab life on the coast, and since i've never been there, i think a trip (at least in my mind) is just what i need today!

i would stay away from the bright lights of LA and just soak up the gorgeousness of the smaller beachside towns, sample the local cuisine, and enjoy time with my girlfriend(s) (i'm certain others would come along for my trip).

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oh yeah – and it’s not a vacation with my girlfriends without riding around with the windows down looking at million dollar mansions and jamming out to 90’s tunes.

so tell me…

where is this tuesday taking you?

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