number 113

hi y’all. it’s wednesday and i'm linking up with jamie for what i'm loving wednesday! short post today: per usual, my stomach is rumbling, so i've gotta run and get some lunch.


1 | i'm loving carrie underwood’s new cd, blown away. i'll admit, it took me a little while to love it, though. i kept listening to “good girl” over and over and swearing it was the best song on the album, which it very well may be, but i've grown to love “do you think about me” and “blown away” so much as well. it’s worth noting that i did buy the cd from best buy last weekend, and it’s the first cd i've bought from a store (not itunes) since her last release in 2009.

2 | last night we had a big thunderstorm, and it was so nice to just cut off the sound machine and listen to it all night. i slept like a baby. am i the only one who looks forward to a good rain? …i sound like a farmer…

3 | how cute is this state print? i would love to get one for every state we’ve lived in (arkansas, virginia, north carolina), and hang them all in the kitchen.

4 | lastly, i'm loving my new blue jeans. i scored big time at the banana republic outlet this weekend and walked away with some cobalt skinnies for $15. unreal. i cant wait to wear them with some bold stripes! p.s. this is not me (pic via)

what are you loving this wednesday?


Erin said...

I look forward to the rain too and I'm not a farmer!

Alyssa said...

Oddly enough, I've heard that Blown Away hasn't really been blowing people away. I've listened to the CD online a few times and I like Thank God for Hometowns and Good in Goodbye. The rest (besides Good Girl) aren't really knocking my socks off.

Laura said...

i felt that way at first too, but now i find myself singing thoes songs ALL the tiiime.

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