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the past couple of months, andrew and i have been throwing around the idea of buying a house. more than that…we’ve been scouring the market every day, and our very patient realtor has been so sweet to show us any home we like! it’s been a really fun experience so far – not so fun when you see the asking price on some of these perfect homes, but that comes with the territory. here are a few of our “must haves” for home shopping. now, we’re well aware that we’ll have to compromise in one [or more] department, but just let me live my newly renovated bungalow dream for a little longer...


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charlotte is bursting with quaint neighborhoods filled with cute houses and fun restaurants. we’ve gotten to know the areas pretty well and have narrowed down where we’d like our future home to lie. our current favorites: plaza midwood, dilworth, and chantilly. currently, we rent a condo in myers park – but for now, we just can’t hang with the half-mil price tag that comes along with a myers park home. when we find “the one” you can bet the news will be here first [or, lets be real…5th].

any advice for first-time home buyers?

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