number 76

yay! look at me! i'm on a roll! day 4: i'm THANKful for the blogoverse!


i've been blogging only when i feel like it since i got engaged in 2009 and have found SO many fun craft ideas, recipes, hair styles, beauty products… i could go on and on! the blogoverse is such a HUGE cornucopia (ready for t-giving? maybe…) of awesome people with creativity oozing out of their pores – and who am i not to take advantage of that!?? here are a few of my favorites:

1 | ribbons, ruffles, and bows! OH MY! - one of my best friends and fellow carrie underwood lover, alex, has a super cute blog and is quite the consistent poster! she has a keen eye for up-to-the-second fashion and always knows what’s up in the land of hollywood gossip. my go-to gal for… everything!

2 | keeping up with the joneses - my friend of a friend, kendall, will wow you with her martha stewart-esque decorating and organization skills and will then serve you an amazing meal. and she’s gorg… geez. all of my friends are not-so-secretly obsessed with hooked on her life as well!

3 | small things blog - along with everyone else, pinterest got me hooked on this little bloggy. seriously, i think it’s hilarious that kate got recognized recently by a stranger on the street (or, really her hair did!) from PINTEREST! crazy! she lives in raleigh, and i wish it was charlotte, because we could be friends in real life, and our cats too! yeah, i'm crazy, i know.

4 | ohhh whitney english, you are so pretty. haha. i've had a long time obsession with paper companies. is that obvious? and whitney english is one of them. their blog expands beyond the paper industry and offers some amazing design ideas for fashion, home décor, and other stuff.

5 | confessions of a 20 something - alex got me hooked on pink lou lou. i think we immediately fell in love with her due to our shared obsession with carrie. 1. she’s really funny 2. she’s southern 3. she wears a weave (and styles it SO cute!) i always look forward to her posts (and her pug-baby’s posts too)

6 | caitlin creer interiors - oh my goh. go here now. i checked this blog just now, and almost couldn’t come back to my post – i got hooked! gorgeous home décor – so fresh and so clean (clean) sorry, couldn’t help myself. (*shout out*: @ETK, go there now! you’ll love it)

i think that wraps it up! oh ps. i'm wearing my new ORANGE corduroys today – showing my HOKIE spirit! hopefully i'll get a pic up later!

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