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thankful challenge day 3: my hometown(s)


i say hometownS because i've lived equal parts of my life in 2 cities which i call “home”. both of which i am incredibly thankful for as well as the friends and family that still reside there.

1. helena, arkansas, which i fondly refer to as “the delta”, is located right on the mississippi river. it is home to the annual king biscuit blues festival and many historic sites and homes from the civil war. both of my parents (as well as their parents) were born and bred here and my nana sill resides there along with a handful of aunts, uncles, godparents, and cousins. even though i only get to visit about once a year (insert sad face), it’s definitely still “home”. a couple pics:


the helena bridge that connects arkansas with mississippi. so glad they took down the sign that said “welcome to arkansas, birthplace of bill clinton” yuck.


my godmothers house, and previously my great grandmother’s, nbd. gorgeous. i have pictures of me in diapers climbing the stairs inside. oh, and it has a bowling alley in the attic. fun fact: actual civil war cannon balls were found in (or around?) the house during its restoration!

i love being from the south! the southern accent it gave me, the right to say “y’all” without being mocked, the love for poufy hair and sweet tea…

2. danville, virginia is where i graduated high school, had my first job, and met (and married) my awesome husband. i really enjoy visiting danville because that’s where both of our parents live. it’s always such a relaxing trip – filled with good food at every meal thanks to andrew’s sweet mama!

Downtown Danvilledowntown in the tobacco warehouse district

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hey that’s me! -- in downtown danville!

it really is a nice place to live. andrew and i really enjoyed our first year of marriage living in our little apartment downtown.

3. just because i can, i'm adding one more ‘hometown’ to my list. blacksburg, virginia. i'm always in the BEST mood anytime i visit blacksburg! i really think that every hokie considers blacksburg their hometown in one way or another. on that note, GO HOKIES!!! we play UNC tomorrow night and it would be GREAT to get another win!


i've really enjoyed this challenge so far. it’s great to be mindful of the so many ways we’ve been blessed – and be thankful for those things.

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Emily said...

a. i LOVE bill clinton
b. #3 is my favorite, it should be yours too considering we met there and lived there together, literally together, in a closet.

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