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oh la la! i just can’t resist a challenge. taking after my best gal, alex, i'm going to make my best attempt at the “plenty to be thankful for” blog challenge. i'm glad to catch this on the first day – maybe it’ll give me that extra push i need to go all the way! even though i'm not participating in the blog swap, this’ll be good to get me in the habit of consistent blogging!
 Manic Mother

todays theme: Today, I’m thankful for my GUILTY PLEASURES!
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1 | in my opinion gossip girl is a way better option than teen mom or anything vampire. plus, the fashion is way better! i may or may not have the past 2 seasons already on my amazon wish list.

2 | this goes without explanation – because if you’re reading this right now, you probably have an addiction to pinterest too!

3 | i could stay on youtube for HOURS. makeup tutorials, music covers, and funny kitties consume my lazy sunday afternoons.

4 | sleeping in.

5 | sweet tea. preferably mcalisters, but bojangles, mcdonalds, or panera will do.

6 | candy corn. ONLY brach’s. nothing else will do! lucky me – i'm still polishing off my bag leftover from halloween!

i hope everyone has a wonderful week! – remember to be thankful!


Kristine said...

Oh I totally have a pinterest obsession... who doesn't these days, right? I didn't even think to put it on my guilty pleasures list!

www.livingbarefootandcrazy.blogspot.com ♥

Courtney said...

oh i miss McAlister's! I lived in NC for 6 years and man, do I miss that place!
love your blog!
THANKS for joining our challenge!

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