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WOO HOO! i may or may not have had this board ready for 3 weeks now. i didn’t want to jinx us by posting too soon! in honor of the upcoming ACC championship game this weekend, i give you my…

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1 | orange skinny cords – sorry kids, jcrew is sold out of orange. youll have to find these guys on ebay!

2 | white button-down tunic. i got mine at the jcrew outlet this time last year. these aren’t too hard to find anywhere though!

3 | orange/maroon patterned scarf – you can find these anywhere after some searching. the one above i will NOT be wearing, seeing as it is way out of my budget, and i will not be purchasing a $400 scarf anytime soon… or ever.

4 | orange bangle     5 | gold watch     6 | maroon bangle     7 | riding boots (a must!)

whoops! my links expired for 4 and 6. in case you’re wondering…the orange bangle is from forever 21, and i believe the maroon was marc jacobs (i think!). that’s what i get for jumping the gun and making the inspiration board too soon! oh well! happy hokie shopping!

YIKES! looks like i may need to add a coat…

see y’all in charlotte this weekend!!!

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A.M. said...

I will be borrowing this outfit idea along with a bed in your home this weekend :) SEE YOU FRIDAY!

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