number 80

day 7: plenty to be THANKful for: THANKSGIVING TRADITIONS!


traditions are my FAVORITE! sometimes i even try to instate new traditions in my family. emphasis on try : homemade cinnamon rolls on christmas morning just weren’t my forte i guess? luckily i don’t have to worry about the cooking just yet!

my #1 favorite thanksgiving tradition is …. stuffing my face - closely followed by #2, the thanksgiving afternoon nap. being recently married means that i get to have 2 HUGE thanksgiving meals thursday (lunch with my fam, din with andrew’s). that nap is going to be essential to my survival seeing that’ll be miserably full…it’ll be SO worth it, though!

another favorite is the college football rivalry games that follow on friday and saturday – 2 in particular:

friday @ 2:30 et on CBS


saturday @ 3:30 et on ABC


notice that i posted times and networks above! please be sure to cheer on the good guys! if when tech wins against uva saturday, planning can begin for the acc ‘ship! hooray!


Courtney said...

the nap is my favorite :) SO important :)
Thanks for linking up with us!

A.M. said...

Gooooooooooo Hokies! Is Andrew going to root for Tech so we come this week too?!?!

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