number 78

day 5 of the THANKful challege: today, i am thankful for the 21st century.

Manic Mother

ok, so maybe i'm going to stray from the 'inventions' path that this could take and make it about me. i'm allowed, it's my blog!

in the 21st century i attended and graduated from the best school that ever was, virginia tech. here, i met the best friends that ever were. what? you can't get the whole picture without a photo collage? okay... if you insist

so yes, i am very THANKful for the 21st century, because without it, it would still be 1999, i would still have braces, and would not have met these awesome ladies...yet!


Emily said...

loves it. loves you.

Anonymous said...

of course you do, youre in every pic! muahaha

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