number 66

is this real life?

man oh man, have we been busy. andrew and i have lived in charlotte for a little over 10 months now – almost a year, and it’s so hard to believe! mostly because we’ve barely spent any time here! so many friends have entered the world of matrimonial bliss, and we’ve been along for the ride. the fall and summer have been filled with showers, parties, weddings, and SO much fun!

we are still very much in love with our new city and neighborhood! i’m currently working 2 part time jobs, one in web design and the other in print design. i’ve really enjoyed the flexibility of my schedule and learning SO many new things! we just got wind (as of last friday) that andrew is getting a little promotion at work! big smiles all around for recognition of AWESOME work on his part, but big frowns for more hours he’s gotta put in. i’ve assured him that the payoff ($$) will eventually be worth it!

you may see new changes every now and then to the blog (providing that i’m consistently posting again) just because i get so excited about new web features i learn! i know how much enjoyment i get out of reading blogs – even though i don’t post every day (or week!), i do catch up on most of my faves VERY often. here are just a few of my current favorite reads:

fabk alex pll

and, of course, like everyone else in the interwebs, I make a daily stop (or seven) on pinterest - falling short at #2 behind diet coke in the addiction rankings.

that’s a short but sweet post for the day! i’ve still got a long list of to-dos at work today and a big night tonight. i've recently made singing more than just a hobby! a few times a month, i've been singing at various locations in the charlotte area. tonight, see me here – fo FREE! for more information on our band (!!!) you can check out our facebook, youtube, and twitter accounts.

YAY! go me! new post again tomorrow for “what i’m loving wednesday”!

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