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one of the things that i look forward to most on fridays is my good friend alex’s friday five blog posts! since it’s been such a big hit, she’s decided to FINALLY start letting us link up.


head on over there to play along and comment on how awesome her new blog template is! *wink*wink* now that my friday is more than halfway over, i’m posting some of my favorite things that are getting me through today (so far) and the weekend!


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1 | ok, so maybe i did just listen to this just a few minutes ago, but i have a feeling it’s going to be played many more times this weekend in the car with the windows rolled down, or on the patio with a beer in hand (see #4)

2 | after taking a 4 mile walk to get to this place today, i was convinced that yes, it was in fact worth every stride. not that bad for you, but VERY good to your taste buds. + charlotte has 3 locations!

3 | my nails are in dire need of a mani. even if i wind up doing it myself to save some pennies. i’ve been hooked on coral-y orange colors lately, and i think this (tart deco) is just the shade to carry me into spring.

4 | this could be on my list only because we met the CEO last night at a bar, but dude makes some pretttty good beer. check them out and have fun saying bad words while placing your order!

5 | i’ve been sporting these pretties since christmas, and no matter what i’m wearing, they make me feel dressier and in-style. plus, the old school wayfarer style looks great on anyone.

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and gets outside to enjoy this gorgeous weather! it’s only february! what a tease!

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A.M. said...

thanks for playing along. Pick and template and stick with it so I can pick up your button already. xoxo

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