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yay yay! i’m trying, really- i’m just not so good anymore with the consistent blog posts. i’ve been busy applying for jobs and trying to shake my cabin fever. however, i was too excited about what i’m loving wednesday not to do a quick little post!


today, im LOVING that the rest of my week is filled with visits from loved ones! tomorrow, my mom, friday, my dad, and sunday, andrew’s longtime friend, andy!

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i’m LOVING that tomorrow, mom and i are planning on exploring new areas of town, scavenging vintage stores and Goodwill for some cheap patio finds, and eating delicious food, no doubt about that. hopefully we’ll find something along the lines of these:


i think these look really comfy for metal chairs and have a really quirky feel. this weekend, the temperature is supposed to be in the low 70’s (hello spring!) Therefore, outside recess will be mandatory! i LOVE it!


i’m loving our orange kitty, bang. over the past couple of weeks, he’s been ‘fetching’ these little furry toy mice. no really, we throw the mouse, and he brings it back! it’s really funny, and pretty freaking adorable.


i’m LOVING this blog: her layouts are so fresh and her taste is very similar to my own. it’s been a recent discovery and i look forward to reading new posts every day! hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as i have!

along with every other middle schooler in america, i’m LOVING glee. last night’s episode made me really happy. my nana even loves it!

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imageand i think dianna agron is the prettiest of pretty.

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ok. im going to wrap it up. ive got another blog post up my sleeve for later this week. i can’t spoil it all mid-week.

lastly, i’m LOVING my handsome husband because i got a TON of chocolate for valentine’s day and i’m enjoying every piece!


Randi said...

Visiting from WILW. Goodwill shopping is always fun! Never know what cute treasures you might find:)

Emily P. said...

I think dianna agron is so pretty as well...I just love Glee!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

I just LOVE Glee too!

MeredithT said...

Love it and Glee:)

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