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hi, my name is laura, and i have an addiction. i am addicted to INSPIRATION BOARDS. i cant get enough. in my future (and hopefully more frequent than the last half year) blog posts, you'll notice that i will use them quite often, and you'll find yourselves enjoying them as much as i do!

in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, i've put together a couple of ensembles that, in my opinion, would be perfect for a holiday shindig.

behold... the inspiration boards:


you like? the first would be great for any holiday party, and i think i've got my heart set on the second for nye2011, which plans have yet to be determined. AND both dresses are under $55. i recently discovered lulus.com and i'm loving what i see!

and continuing the spirit of the holiday season, i'm sharing this little nugget:


apparently when you visit starbucks any time between 11.18-21 and buy a holiday drink, you’ll get one FREE! FREE! i plan on stopping in tomorrow to test it out (2 gingerbread lattes s'il vous plaĆ®t). if it's wrong, don't blame me. blame this site. there's no code, so i'm skeptical, but i'm not about to waste a potentially free snack.

update: i just found this which clarifies that the special is only from 2-5!

give it a try, and if it fails, at least you got a field trip to starbucks!


A.M. said...

umm I LOVE the first one and may or may not be stealing your inspiration. xoxo

MeredithT said...

"Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back."

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