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ok ok! i dont even want to hear it! i know i've been HORRIBLE! it's been well over a month since my last blog, and that one was just a tease! i've been so busy with work the past few weeks and when the weekends haven't been filled with work as well, i've been lucky enough to spend some very quality time with my favorite girlfriends (more to come on that later).

who knew that it would take something so small (but very exciting nonetheless) for me to make a quick post?

evidently last summer (and the one before that...) the major staple in anyone and everyone's wardrobe was jack rogers sandles. me, being a little behind on the fashion trends, or maybe just slow to accept, was venturing on the interwebs for my own pair this past week. coincidentally i was surfing target's site for some spring flats as well when i stumbled on an undeniable lookalike. needless to say, i couldn't help myself. i'm all for the designer look without the designer price tag.

am i wrong? the price difference is about 80 bucks. don't be discouraged - it says "sold out" on the target website, but i was lucky enough to find them IN STOCK in MY SIZE at my local store! happy spring and happy bargain hunting!

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MeredithT said...

Got them in brown...I was super excited because I really did not want to pay for a new pair Bargains are the best. They are actually more comfy than the real ones! We are good!

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