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ok ok. so i went back on my word. “i WILL blog again tomorrow” turned into a month later. the holidays are busy times for us all, and i’m sorry i couldn’t provide you with a little holiday reading! to update you on what’s going on in our world: we welcomed not one but two new friends into our house in the month of december.

meet annie and bangarang:

DSC04943 DSC04956

annie likes to play and be sociable, and bang likes to hide from you. they’re both super cuddly and sweet in their own way. we set out on our adventure to the animal shelter at the beginning of the month wanting two kittens for our christmas presents to each other. 2 so they could keep each other company while andrew and i were away at work. after seeing how many full grown adult cats are left unadopted, we couldn’t turn these two away. both are under a year old (roughly) and are definitely still feeling the kitten vibes.  - i’ll just say that they loved the christmas tree.

i was finally able to make the trek up to richmond to see my best girlfriends. emily graduated from vcu’s school of nursing with her bachelors degree, and us fun girls gathered for the celebration! congrats emB!DSC04995

and conveniently enough had a zeta christmas party the following night: 


anytime we get together is a guaranteed good time, and this weekend was no exception!

the next weekend danville had a miniature blizzard (aka more snow than i’ve seen in a whiiile) which made for a fun, work-free weekend. i was lucky enough to borrow my mom’s SUV so andrew and i could actually interact with the rest of the world. (the truth of the matter is that i got my car stuck trying to go to my parents house and, it had to stay there for a little less than a week. woops!)

sidenote: i’ve been horrible about taking pictures of the last half of the month. blame it on my laziness – my camera battery has been dead, and i haven’t made the effort to recharge it.

with the holidays came lots of family, food, and fun. i threw my first cocktail party in our new apartment. quite a success! we had a small group of family over for drinks and apps and took a moment to relax before the madness of christmas. complete with [what i will forever refer to them as] “richmond ham biscuits”.  i feel like i would be breaking some unspoken rule if i posted it on the blog. inquire within for the recipe, and i’ll share.

more recently, we celebrated christmas this past weekend with both mine and andrew’s families. santa was SO good to me this year. i received lots of shoes which would please any girl! AND santa husband gave me a new laptop which i so desperately needed but didn’t want to admit! it has the new windows 7 installed on it with a really neat program called live writer which makes blogging REALLY easy and fun! ok. yes. this is why i decided to blog now. i’m not ashamed.

well, i think this pretty much catches you up to speed. we’re excited for the new year! we’re planning a short trip to arkansas in january which i am PUUUMPED about! i plan to get back in the routine of taking pictures, and andrew and i are finally going to get in shape starting 1/1. who doesn’t say that?

happy new year, friends! xoxo! 


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