number 45

this is the first of a few blogs dedicated to my 2009 holiday essentials. since i failed (yet again) today in my attempt to find adequate christmas ornaments for my new, awesome, PRE-LIT christmas tree, i'm taking the opportunity to tell y'all about a fabulous buy that i DO have for christmas 2009.

since andrew and now are a "family", i expect we will be sending out a few christmas cards - saving my pretty right hand from a few cramps, my new favorite holiday essential is brought to us today by PSA ESSENTIALS. my stamp just came in today!! i purchased the dagwood design: with our new residential info, obvi.

here's the christmas catch, the INSIDE is removable only to be replaced by these cuties and a red inkpad! yes, i do work at a stationery boutique. and yes, i'm in love with paper.

with me being a daughter of the south, my nana has always stressed the importance of handwritten correspondence. i'll never forget it. well, maybe it's because i'll be looking for any excuse to send a letter, simply to stamp the envelope!

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