number 43

somtimes i wish i hadn't started numbering my posts. i'd like to have a clever little post title every now and then!

andrew and i spent the past weekend with sarah and ben! wonnnderful hosts! we had a BLAST in bloomington, and can't wait to go back again! along with eating great food, listening to sweet music, and going to fun parties, we traveled north to a find a hidden gem. the exotic feline rescue center in center point, indiana is unlike anywhere i've ever been before. this is no zoo. a gravel road leads to you to this rustic retreat where nearly 200 wild lions, tigers, and other exotic cats are treated for abuse and malnourishment. separated only by a chainlinked fence, we were able to see these massive animals up close and personal. amaaazing! anyone who ever travels within a 100 mile radius should alter their route to visit this venue. the center relies solely on donations as it does not receive any type of state or federal funding. ok ok. i'll stop! the pictures speak for themselves:

big ups to andrew for the awesome photography skills! needless to say, a fantastic experience - one that i'll never ever forget!

with the cold, nasty weather arriving in full force, i've been in the mood for winter. with the winter mood comes the christmas mood!!!! don't get me wrong, i LOVE thanksgiving (a national holiday centered around eating), and it should definitely not be overlooked, but there isn't exactly thanksgiving MUSIC. i think you know where i'm headed with this...today i downloaded 20 new christmas songs. so, come december 1 (honestly, november 27), my christmas playlist will be ready and put on repeat. i made this little find today, and i'm passing it on to you: andrew introduced me to bright eyes (not long after we'd first started dating) and this romantic single, first day of my life. download this - if you haven't heard it, do it - you'll love it! to my delight, he also has a christmas album! traditional songs with an indie twist. i like. it's a little tricky to find as it was released in 2002 as an AIDS relief effort, but if you're persistent, i'm sure you'll luck out. i'm really looking forward to playing this while i decorate our FIRST christmas tree!

ok, no more christmas talk until AFTER thanksiving!

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