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happy november! today was a gorgeous fall day, and it put me in a great mood! lucky you -- a new blog post!!!

this past weekend was halloween, and being the party people that we are (hah!) andrew and i joined some friends for some halloween fun! not TOO much to document, but i'll share a few pictures:

who is this little spellcaster? it's your friendly neighborhood wizard?! no, it's andrew!

awesome, right? my costume was not so easy to spot, but i tried my best to look as crazy as i could and channel my inner gaga: yes, i have lost my mind.
our great friends, preston and jordan, definitely had the most awesome costumes!

all in all, it was a great weekend (despite the nasty weather!), and today has been a great night! my awesome husband downloaded the carrie underwood cd for me. mind you, it doesn't hit the shelf until tomorrow. what he doesn't know is that he'll be listening to it ALL the way to indiana this weekend! we're going to visit my lovely sister-in-law, sarah, and her awesome hubby, ben, in bloomington! i'm sure we'll have fun stories and pictures to share after our adventures.

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MeredithT said...

I can;t wait to download it! Have a fun trip!

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