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hey friendssss! this is more of a picture post. i finally got to the apartment to take a few pictures - we've done a little updating: painting and furnishing! welcome to the living room! this is the first room you see when you walk through our front door! see: andrew's new baby - the 46" sony. we've still got a little decorative work to do, but we've got the essentials down!this is my favorite thing about the living room so far: a really awesome rug! pretty, right?!bathroom, a little on the small side, but it's got a toilet and a full bathtub - what more do you need?myyyy favorite room, the bedroom! andrew's a big blue fan, and this suited us perfectly. the color is eddie bauer's mercer blue. luckily we get a lot of light in the room because it's pretty dark on the walls. definitely the right choice, though.pretty kitchen! this is only room left to paint. right before we signed the lease, they put in brand new kitchen cabinets and new tile floors *yay for us!* we're planning on painting the kitchen yellow pretty soon. i'll post updated pics when that happens.with every awesome apartment comes a weird mural. no? well ours does. the "breakfast nook" comes complete with the french countryside. yes, we have inquired, and no, we cannot paint over the mural. any ideas on how to spruce this baby up would be greatly appreciated!
and lastly, the stinky sunroom. after sweetening it up with about 7 air fresheners, it doesn't stink as bad, but i'll continue to call it the "stinky sunroom" for effect. still haven't quite figured out what to do with this room besides use it for storage. it has a great view of downtown danville....and highway 29.

thats it for now! a little glimpse into the place we'll soon call home! they're putting cable and internet in saturday and that's where andrew will reside until the wedding day! COME VISIT - even though there's no guest room, the couch is BIG!


Alex said...

I love the new place!

I think you could do a lot with that breakfast nook--a cute white antique iron table with some chairs upholstered similar to Em and Ems and some sort of great antique/vintage shelf to hold mason jars, decorative plates, etc. and you will have one snazzy room on your hands!

I will start looking for you...look at you all grown up in a super cute apartment!


MeredithT said...

A BIG piece of furniture! Something to hold dishes possibly or I like Alex's idea as well! That is an interesting touch to the apt. ...those silly landlords!

The bedroom is my favorite as well. The blue is very striking yet serene.

Thanks for sharing!

Aunt Brenda said...

Hi Laura & Andrew,
Is that a mural painted on the wall; no windows??? Why not put ceiling to floor drapes (don't have to be expensive) and then you can put whatever style of furniture in the room without having to decorate around that design. Just cover it up and we won't know it is there. I like the bistro type setting for a breakfast room. Just another idea.....you get plenty of those, don't you. LOL
Aunt Brenda

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