number 15

"I'm glad we're here together in our nation's capital..." - Forrest Gump

haha! i swear that was said about 352 times this weekend! what a weekend! i'm STILL exhausted. i had such a wonderful weekend with my family in washington dc; it just reminds me that i don't get to see them nearly enough. we started off friday by having lunch with my dear friend alex at five guys* in arlington, virginia. it's always a great weekend when you get to spend time with long distance family, spending time with long distance friends is definitely a bonus!! uncle charlie and aunt brooke hosted a wonderful rehearsal dinner at the national museum of women in the arts. what a beautiful place! we had a table just for the cousins and spent time catching up, reminiscing, and drinking too much champagne. andrew fit right in with the tappan men, as i knew he would. it's always great fun to show off a great fiance'!

saturday, after recuperating, andrew, john, and i spent the day sightseeing and being the stereotypical tourists. although there's never enough time to see everything, we did get to browse through the national air & space museum and the national museum of natural history. one exhibit in particular really interested me. check it: honey bees

they actually got to go outside! i was so fascinated! after the wedding, we celebrated with charlie and lynne until i could celebrate no longer. i was so exhausted, at one point i decided to take a little snooze on andrew's shoulder in the hotel lobby. here are just a few pictures from the weekend! what a great time! i'm so excited that i don't have to wait too much longer to see everyone all over again!

in the picture above: me with my beautiful cousins, elizabeth and tori tappan. we had a great time singing and dancing to the band. any chance that andrew has to wear a suit, he's guaranteed to have a great time. so handsome.
* five guys is a burger joint that if you have not experienced, you are missing out on one of the wonders of the culinary world. try it, you'll love it.

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MeredithT said...

Looks like a blast! See you this wedding at yet another celebration!!!

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