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gah!!! i've been such a bad blogger! first i started out blogging once a week - - now it seems like i'm easing toward once a month!! i'm trying - really! my excuse to everyone has been that andrew and i got so much planning done in the first couple of months, that there just isn't that much left to blog about!!

the past week has been one of highs and lows. earlier in the week, emily, my maid of honor, came to spend a few days in danville. we had a great time relaxing, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. lauren joined us on tuesday for my first wedding dress fitting in lynchburg!! they loved the dress as much as i did, and it still looked just as pretty as the first time i tried it on!! i never want to take it off! emily and i finished her trip with a fabulous southern dinner with andrew and his parents on wednesday night. i'm so glad she came even if it was just to relax and have a little girl time!

thursday night andrew and i took some time to say goodbye to one of the dearest members of my family for the past 12 years. our sweet chesapeake bay retreiver, sport, has been declining steadily in health for the past couple of years, and friday was his final day with us. he was always a great friend to have around, and i have a scar on my nose to remind me of him forever. my senior year in high school, sport and i were playing in the snow, always being a puppy, he came barreling down the hill where i was sitting and head-butted me right in the face -- resulting in a broken nose and a few (ok, a lot) of tears. i'm glad i can laugh about it now! needless to say, he will be missed incredibly in the tappan house.

on a much lighter note, we spent saturday at smith mountain lake celebrating andrew's long time best friend, brad's, birthday. i worked on saturday afternoon, but got to the lake just in time to grab a hot dog off the grill and take this picture of the boys:

we have another busy weekend on the agenda. my older cousin, charlie tappan jr., is getting married in washington dc on saturday night to lynne christofferson- the 2nd of 3 tappan weddings this year!!! i'm really excited, my nana is coming to danville on thursday and we're all going up for the wedding on friday (andrew included). i've been so fortunate to be able to spend many holidays and birthdays with andrew's wonderful family and get to know them on a personal level. since my family lives so far away, andrew has only been able to spend about a day with mine! this weekend should be a great time with the tappan family in the big city!! i know andrew will fit right in!

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John said...

the broken nose was a direct result of me letting him to to chase the cat! second injury to laura directed by John (one being the kneeboard and black eye). . . o sport dog..

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