number 9.5

my second post. please contain your joy.

i have yet to ask all my potential groomsmen to stand with me. however, i believe they know who they are. i guess i am not as proactive as laura. anyway...

i also have yet to pick out a tux. i know you ladies are just dying to see it. i have decided on a classic black tux, white shirt, black tie. when in doubt go basic and classy.

as laura mentioned, we saw a potential band. unfortunately, they did not live up to my expectations. i believe finding a band that is suitable to our tastes and price range will be the hardest part of our wedding planning adventure. oh by the way, it is an adventure no matter how simple you try and make it. needless to say we are still on the hunt. (dinosaur jr., make it happen sissy!)

we met with a caterer on saturday: visions. they provided laura and i with lots of menu options and some delicious samples. i am still salivating at the thought of their chicken trumpets. in addition to great food, they also provide the table linens, chair covers, etc. in the colors that boo really wants. i hope they are on top of their game because that would be one less thing to stress about.

we watched the hills last night. as all of you who watch the show, and some of those who don't, know that two of the characters are spencer and heidi. i watch this program hoping to see spencer catch fire. unfortunately he hasn't yet. my point: anyone who has relationship like spencer and his super genius fiance heidi, SHOULD NOT get married. i hope they are acting. i hope they aren't like this in real life. and the hills is definitely not real life. santa isn't real either.

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