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the tradition of the "bridesmaid" is believed to have originated from roman law, which required witnesses at a wedding to ward off evil spirits. i have 5 beautiful ladies that have willingly accepted the position to beat up anyone who gets in my way down the alter. along with 1 maid of honor, and there's no tellin' what she'll do!! haha.

drum roll please...
the first announcement goes to the gal who's put up with me the longest: stacia outten (now petrancosta) has been my best friend since the 7th grade. both being the new girls in dequeen, arkansas, we immediately became attached at the hip and have been able to remain best friends since - despite only living in the same town together for 1 year. she's definitely one i know i'll be able to call on until i'm wrinkly and gray - no matter how many miles separate us - i'll always refer to her as "my best friend from arkansas". love you staysh.

my best friend throughout high school was the complete opposite of me (except we were both awesome, duh!) lauren smyth was captain of the cheerleading squad, tall, outgoing, and an amazing dancer. no one will ever know how we hit it off so well and stayed friends as long as we have! she was definitely my saving grace at chatham high school, and i know without her advice and shoulder to cry on every now-and-then, i wouldn't have made it through alive. i love her like my very own sister and know it'll always be that way.

i can't remember the first day i met alex or the first conversation we had. i just remember always being friends with her. alex moses and i both joined zeta tau alpha as freshmen, our first year at virginia tech, in the spring of 2004. throughout our four years together, we have become undeniably best friends. she's such a strong, genuine person - anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend. lucky me! i can always count on alex for a great time, a big laugh, or a carrie underwood sing-a-long - all which are necessary at some point or another. AND she shares my appreciation for a good craft project! i love you, al.

you'll never hear me call this one "emily". emily tretiak, or "tretiak", has fallen victim to the same curse as i, being referred to as only your last name all throughout college, and possibly forever - even after marriage - as i've been told. tretiak was my sanity junior/senior year at tech when we both decided to take on positions as president and c.o.c.(vp1) for zeta. she was definitely the brains of the outfit and always stood beside me, looking tough, when i had to reprimand. in other words: she's my best friend who gives me strength, confidence, and tells me the truth (even when i don't always want to hear it). she's a super classy gal, and i know i'll always look up to her, and not because she's a lot taller than i am! i'll add that she didn't even get mad at me when i demolished the interior of her jeep with taco bell. xoxo. love you, girlfriend!

last but certainly not the least of the bridesmaids is my new sister: sarah wyatt swanson. she's got to be one of the coolest chicks ever -- and we're going to be family!! not only is she the most creative person i know, she plays the drums in a band -- a REAL band!! so awesome. sarah is andrew's older sister, and i, not having any real sisters of my own, am SO excited to finally be getting one! from the first time we met, she has always been so great to me, always accepting me with open arms. sarah, honestly, is the icing on an already perfect cake (probably made by mrs. avery). haha. i love her so much already as andrew's sister, and i know that we'll continue to be great friends as sisters-in-law.

as the caboose: miss emily baxa will be straightening up my train (no pun intended) and calming my nerves. i chose emily as my maid of honor because she's definitely earned it. emily and i lived on the top floor of EastAJ our freshman year and became best friends as new members of zeta tau alpha. inseparable doesn't even describe it. we did EVERYTHING together, even shared the same sorority big sister (shoutout to courtie!) - making us "twins". how fitting. even now, she is my other half. i could go on and on forever about the countless memories we've shared and how much i love her, but i would start crying in front of the computer. in being my MOH, i don't expect her to keep me sane for the next 6 months, i just want her to stand beside me on my wedding day like she's done every day for the past 6 years. i love you, em. thank you for being my very best friend.

these are my very best girls: they have no idea what they're in for ;) i love y'all.


Alex said...

Laura! I am so honored to be a bridesmaid in your wedding and so excited for you and Andrew and your new life together! The blog looks great...I may or may not check it almost every day! You are going to be SUCH a beautiful friend and we are going to have a BLAST sending you into married bliss this summer ;)

Lauren said...

I was just scanning through the love blog and I must say that we need to take more pictures because they one you have posted is not the most flattering of me!! I can't wait until the wedding!!

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