number 11

heyyy friends! yet another weekend has passed without wedding planning -- it's good to give yourselves a little (or big) break from it now and then! honestly, at this point, there isn't TOO much left to do! however, save the dates were sent out yesterday!!! i feel like i've conquered a small feat in finishing those things! 1 point for me!

while i was NOT wedding planning, i was having some fun in the sun with some of my favorite girlfriends! the girls and i traveled to virginia beach to celebrate my friend, and zeta big sis, courtney's final weekend of bachelorette-dom. the weekend was filled with lots of laughing, lounging, and of course, lingerie. saturday was the ideal beach day. 78 degrees - not a cloud in the sky. you can see that i got a little 'sunkissed' myself -- which now, has turned into a tan! woo hoo! 2 points for me! we had such a great time celebrating with court and the girls, i only wish i could do it more often!

while i was having a busy weekend with the ladies, andrew was "man caving" with one of his best friends, andy, in richmond. don't be mistaken -- "man caving" has nothing to do with exploring, hiking, spelunking, or even being outside, for that matter. a man cave is a sanctuary where men can go to be with their friends and away from any kind of female influence in order to work or play without interruption. their activity of choice this weekend was surfing the interwebs for disgusting and outrageous videos and, of course, madden. man, i'm so sad i missed it.
meet andy: his going to be a groomsman in our wedding!! andy and andrew were roommates for two years at radford and have remained close friends ever since. :) we love some andy.
friday is andrew's 26th birthday! he's growing up!! too bad wedding workouts start today - i guess i can make an exception for some birthday cake! right? haha happy early birthday, boo!
i don't have much wedding related info to post now, however, check out my photog crush. http://www.jenniferfarris.com/. i'm really crossing my fingers for this one! that's all i've got! love y'all!

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