number 7

weekend wrap-up:

we did a lot this weekend, not enough to say that we were 'crazy busy' by any one's standards. but a fun weekend, to say the least!
friday, we all went to hear a band that was in the running for the reception. we quickly discovered that it wasn't much to get excited about. i'll just say that we're still searching for the right one. any suggestions? throw 'em our way!

saturday was a lazy day. it rained a lot, so andrew and i stayed in and made some adjustments (mostly additions) to the guest list. this thing is out of controllll. how anyone could ever plan a "small" wedding is beyond me. a solution to the issue has yet to be determined.

andrew and dad went to the nascar race in martinsville on sunday. a little father and son-in-law bonding - complete with mullet hunting and redneck watching! mom and i used our girl time to shop and think about the reception's floral arrangements. after being given a few estimates from local florists there were a lot of comments floating between us such as "oh...WE could do THAT!!" and "So-and-So loves that kinda stuff!!!" i mean, really, a handful of hydrangea can't be TOO hard to arrange!

monday, us girls made a trip to hobby lobby to find some wedding goodness and coincidentally bumped into a bridesmaid as well!!! (name announced later!!!) i've found so many little wedding accents that i want to attempt myself - my evenings will definitely be occupied this week! these are my next two projects: a wedding card gift box and 2 floral initials for the gate in front of the church. here are pics of what the finished projects are supposed to look like:
do-able? i think so! finished project pics will be posted!

also, i've been working very diligently on save-the-dates. they're pretty much completed, and my envelopes came in yesterday! friday is the estimated date of departure! get exciiited! they're fab! (as are the return labels!)

i have 1 more bridesmaid who has yet to receive her invite, so as soon as i hear from her lovely self, i'll be publicly announcing my 6 favorite gals! (along with a mini-bio! yesss! can't wait!)

that's all i've got! love y'all!


Janah said...

ahh were doing those flower initials on our church door....i suppose great minds think alike :)


Emily said...

i'll send you a fact sheet for my bio. you should probably update more. people ask me details about your wedding and i need to be prepared.

Lauren said...

I love the letters and I hope that they turn out great!

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