number 6.5

this is my first foray into the blogosphere. bear with me.

i just wanted to give all the ladies who read this wonderful blog a man's insight into some of this wedding biznass. i went with boo (laura) and my 2nd mom (debbie) to meet with potential cake maker(s) and caterer. i do not think it is as bad as the stereotypical male would lead you to believe. the process was not painful or boring. in fact, i like having some input (thank you boo) on what i will be eating on my wedding day. did someone say crabcakes?! nom nom nom.

speaking of food, i believe that it (along with music) set the tone for how much fun guests are gonna have. good food can make a decent wedding great and bad food can make a great wedding horrible. same can be said for music. pro tip for all prospective brides, and those soon to be, it is better to have no music at all than craptastic music (band or dj). anyways, food can serve the same purpose. delicious food brings people together and, in my opinion, makes a crowd happy. and seeing that the people you love most are at your wedding, you should want to make them as happy as you are. plus they give you presents. simple math: great music+ delicious food=happy boo.

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