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gah!! it hasn't even been a month yet, and i'm already slacking!! last week was a super busy wedding-planning week. mom and i headed up to lynchburg on tuesday and guess what?! we accomplished what we set out to do! yes, ladies and gentlemen, i have found my perfect wedding dress! without giving everything away, here's a sneak peek!!

hah i'm such a tease! this picture is nothing. this is the most beautiful dress that was ever made, as far as i'm concerned, and i feel amazing in it! it makes the big day seem that much closer! we've already put a deposit down on it, so i'm not just dreaming; it really IS mine!

the busy day continued with shopping for bridesmaids dresses, meeting with a potential caterer, and going over cake designs with a baker. i'm really excited about andrew's groom's cake, it just might outshine my own. haha lbh: never gonna happen. haha just kidding, boo! the other reason i've been so busy is because i've been crafting something very special for my bridesmaids. these are some of the most important ladies in my life, so i wanted to spend some of my own time and talent in designing the perfect way to extend my invitation for them to stand beside me on my wedding day. these will be going out this week! i'll post a picture once the girls recieve theirs, so you can see too!

1 more thing: andrew and i met with the rector at the episcopal church of the epiphany in downtown danville yesterday! IT'S OFFICIAL! september 26 is the big day! i'll be printing and finishing up save-the-dates tomorrow and tuesday - hopefully they'll be in the mail by next week. between all that and trying to stay within budget (rearranging some figures here and there), i'm still suprisingly not stressed! everything has gone pretty smoothly, no hang-ups yet! we're currently looking for a band too!!

we've got a lot of things in the works, but with the dress behind me now, everything else will be a breeze right?

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