number 5

which one to choose?! us girls had SO much fun saturday. we went to 5 different stores, and i tried on about 25 different dresses. i'm having a tough time deciding -- every dress is so pretty! i was able to zero in on a certain type of silhouette that is most flattering, and we decided that ivory looks best with my skintone. mom and i are headed up to lynchburg tomorrow to try out a few bridal salons there and to see what j.crew has to offer in the bridesmaids department! (glad i already have my mind made up on that one!)

one woman at a store that shall remain unnamed brought out a light blue beauty and thought it would look faaabulous on me. thank you for your excellent opinion. not. we did come home with some fun stories and gorgeous pictures, most of which i'll have to keep to myself until the big day. here are some fun ones i am allowed to share:

i had to try on just ONE ballgown. this one was massive - you can't tell all that much in the picture - you'll just have to trust me. mom and mrs. avery thought it would be fun to play dress-up too! here they are: one wearing a crown, the other wearing a veil. presh.
tomorrow's a busy day! dress shopping again and meeting with the caterer and cake decorator! yay! more updates when i have them. love y'all!

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