number 2

this weekend i was able to go play with some of my very very best girlfriends in richmond. the weekend was planned to celebrate emily's (my roommate 2/4 years at vt) 24th birthday, enjoy the gorgeous, premature spring weather, and relive the college days by pretending we still get a spring break. it was definitely a bonus that andrew and i got engaged just one week ago, and i was able to share my excitement with my best gals. we definitely made the most of our time together, and i'm already looking forward to our next time together!

shoutout to my girlfriends: thanks so much for being so supportive and excited for andrew and i! i love y'all too much!

i'm planning on working on our save-the-dates tomorrow. i'm making them myself, so when you get yours in the mail, be really excited about it, and be sure to tell me how great of a job i did! hah. i'm just kidding. (not really) i'm very excited about them because (1) i designed everything and (2) i'm a little obsessed with my color scheme - more on that later! i don't want to give TOO much away!

thats it for now! love y'all!

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