number 4

i am so excited, i can hardly contain myself! tomorrow, mrs. avery (andrew's mom), my mom, and i are going to raleigh to look for my wedding dress!!!! we are going to be three very weepy women. i know that as soon as i see myself in that white dress it's going to hit me like ton of bricks -- "i'm getting married!! i'm REALLY getting married!"

as if this picture won't give me the chills already. no, this woman is NOT me. she could be my long lost twin, no? i found this picture on a snippet and ink inspiration board. the photographer was linda chaja. it really is beautiful --makes me want a birdcage veil and a taffetta gown real bad!!

what do y'all think of me as a bride?!

haha. mom and i went and visited with a florist this morning. apparently i have "really good taste" in flowers - another way of saying that everything i wanted was expensive. ouch. luckily i don't have my heart set on any one flower in particular so i was able to have a few options availible. i will tell you that the bridal party's bouquets and mine will be mostly white - as will most of the floral decor at the ceremony and the reception. very clean and crisp! i'm getting more and more excited with every detail that is planned!! on next week's agenda is the caterer and the cake decorator. yum - food - my favorite (andrew's too!!)

i've gotten some great responses about our blog! i'm really excited that people are reading it! the site address will go out on our save-the-dates. my hope is that this will be a place guests can come to get up to date information about our planning, registries, event locations, or just to say hi! feel free to leave a comment-- i'm checking all the time!! love y'all!

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