number 3

well... i had my first wedding mini-nightmare last night. it had to happen sooner or later, right? might as well be sooner. i call it a mini-nightmare because it wasn't INCREDIBLY horrible, just horrible enough for me to be "perturbed" if it did happen. in my dream, apparently the chosen color for the day was red -- remember, our wedding isn't being held in february or december where red would be fitting for a valentines or christmas themed wedding. just red... in september. now, i don't consider myself a "control freak"; nor have i ever been told that i have that characteristic, but i do have ideas of what i envision for our big day, and it doesn't include red satin sashes or giving out candy canes as favors (not meant to offend anyone who has chosen to do this! just not for me!) . to make matters worse, the flowers were awful! picture: gray flowers with hints of mauve. mmm. again - not at this wedding!

overall, not that bad! i'm glad i got my first little scare out of the way! i also dreamt that they allowed facebook at work and that i had huge diamond earrings to match my engagement ring - both of which aren't happening anytime soon. i don't believe i have too much to worry about in the whole dreams-come-true department!

on a funnier note: when i was in one of my best friends, stacia's, wedding last december, i dreamt that the other bridesmaids were passing me while we were marching down the aisle. i don't know where my brain comes up with these things!

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